Homeschooling: Would I do it all over again?

IMG_2203Now that two of my three boys have graduated high school, I’ve wondered if I would do it all over again. If I could travel ahead in time when we began this homeschool thing and could see the end, would I still do it? Yikes, did I realize just how hard homeschooling was? I don’t think I did.

No, I’m sure of it.

I had no clue how hard homeschooling would be.

Homeschool three boys for nearly twenty years.

Teach them to read, to do math, to write.

Ugh.  Writing!  Why was that so bittersweet? One loved it, one liked it, one would rather stare off into space.

Science, history, manners.

Gym, aka go run around outside and swing for a half hour.

Language, geography, cooking, chores, public speaking.

Clubs,  Awana, bible quizzing, honor society, art, music, laundry (my future daughter-in- laws are supposed to thank me for that one).

Library skills? Right.

Fire safety, bike safety, highway safety, STD’s (that was weird), anti-smoking.

Drivers education.  Ok that one nearly killed me.  I recommend you hire a professional for that subject.

I’ve written 128 quarterly reports, 31 Individual Home Instruction Plans, and lots of Annual Assessments and Letters of Intent. Thank you NYS for being so greedy for paperwork.


All this while trying to keep the meals coming, the house in order, and a marriage happy.

I’m not trying to scare those of you who are thinking of homeschooling, and I’m not trying to prove I’m some super star homeschooling mama (though I really am and so are all of you homeschooling mamas).


Now that I’m at the end and if I had a time travel machine to go back, would I do it all again? Would I homeschool my three boys for nearly twenty years? Knowing how hard it was physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally? Let’s not forget…

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Would I do it all again?

Hell Yeah!

Every single minute of it.

Garrison, Ben, Will.  You are the best, it has been a privilege to be your teacher, and I am am blown away God chose me to be your mama.

Would I do it again?  What a silly question.


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