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Art has always been a core subject in our boy’s homeschool education, right alongside reading, math, writing, and video games.  Gaming got there by default: three boys, majority rules, 21st century, it’s in their blood. I quit fighting and embraced the games.

Now I have a  sophomore majoring in Information Systems with an emphasis on Game Design (he recently developed/published a game for the Sony Vita), a freshman majoring in Public Relations who writes grade A essays on E-sports, and a high school freshman Minecraft maniac computer geek who codes, is an avid photographer, and designs seriously good architecture on Photoshop and Blender.

The Davis Boys
The Davis Boys

I have no doubt their early and consistent exposure to art in all its majestic and magical forms helped to shape their creative spirits and artistic career paths. Hmm..their dad being an accomplished artist might have influenced them a bit too.

A diverse and consistent exposure to art throughout your children’s formative years is essential to a well rounded education. I just finished perusing and had to tell you what a goldmine of free art lessons and online games they offer!  They also explore topics in music and literature. I was surprised to learn Artsology has been around for eleven years, and bummed to think I missed out on some great art explorations!

There used to be two parts to Artsology: the free section that has enough to keep you and your kids busy for a long while, and the membership section which housed

  • The Gallery Insider: a virtual trip into contemporary art gallery and exhibitions.
  • An interview with MoMA Chief Conservator James Coddington.
  • Art Features: A look at sculptures and machines such as Leonardo da Vinci’s work and tools by James Capper.
  • The Art & Jazz Series where  a jazz selection corresponds to an art project.
  • Arts Fun Books printables section.

They are currently rolling over the membership extras to the main free site – an amazing and generous offer to the world of educators, students, and art appreciators.

I tried one of their free online games: The Stymphalian Bird Game

The game is similar to Flappy Bird. You click your mouse to navigate through ancient Greece columns. I died quick. But my teen gleefully soared with the greatest of ease and then chuckled at my poor gaming technique.

stymphalian-birds-herculesAfter the game you can scroll down to a mini art lesson on this greek amphora which inspired the visuals of the game.










anamorphic-art-by-daliInterested in an art investigation? This page takes you to  Anamorphic Art by Salvador Dali.


Artsology points out as you view the piece, what at first hand seemed like a simple (yet weird) bug image reveals itself to have all sorts of images contained within it, depending on how you view it.

Seriously, Artsology has a rich and assorted harvest of art education and artistic opportunities to enrich and inspire students of all ages. I appreciate their passion and commitment to building such a commendable site. Their mission is to be “the teacher” who made an extra effort, far beyond normal teacher responsibilities, to expose students to art/music they might not have otherwise heard.

I high five their efforts and know from our own homeschooling experience, whether the art be drawing, sculpting, designing, music, writing, acting, we were created to be creative.


So be creative, and start with a journey through Artsology.


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