Is This Homeschooling Journey of Ours Really Over?

When we began homeschooling in 1999 I didn’t start with the end in mind. I couldn’t see past the cluttered dining room table, the quest for curriculum, and the days that lasted forever despite the years passing swiftly.

When they were young, growing, and changing, I couldn’t picture what it would be like when my boys graduated.

What would they look like? How tall would they be? Who would they be?

I thought Garrison would rise the ranks in the business world.  He had a gift for leadership and problem solving.

Benny might be a writer.  He had penned dozens of stories through the years, and a novella.

My youngest Will is still changing and growing.  He starts high school next year and maybe then I might have a better idea.  Maybe he’ll start a hipster coffee shop and sell his art.


I have to keep this post short or I risk a flood of emotions and the reverberating pain that closing a life door can bring.

I miss my little boys. Homeschooling them was a a crazy awesome, no regret adventure.  I love my big guys. When the little boys I snuggled, tickled, nursed, raised, and learned alongside surface from time to time like the breach of a humpback whale, I feel peaceful. I love those moments.

Is this homeschool journey of ours is truly ever over? Our boys are beginning their own life travels, and we are still companions. No, it is definitely not over.  It’s just different.  And it’s all good.


5 Replies to “Is This Homeschooling Journey of Ours Really Over?”

  1. My oldest daughter will be entering high school next year and, like you, I couldn’t picture what that looked like when we were doing the fun unit studies, making costumes to act out “Little House in the Big Woods,” and doing all the hands-on activities that children thrive on and enjoy. Now, it’s different…but equally as rewarding. I try not to think of that ending of the homeschool era…at least for now. It’s better for me to stay in the moment or, like you, it may be too emotional to think about.

  2. We eased into this in some ways. Our youngest was born about 2 years before our eldest finished home ed but now our youngest is nearly 10 & it’s starting to hit me properly. I do so enjoy the relationship I have with my older kids as adults & the fact that they have so many good memories of growing up & being educated at home – as you said, ‘different but good.’

  3. I homeschooled for 19 years. This past fall, all of my remaining children at home are in school, and I am at home. It is a big change, especially for me. Homeschooling has been such a part of my life, my identity. It has been like losing my job.

  4. We can always help the “newbie” homeschooling moms: mentor, support, guide, or a co-op would love to have a veteran teach a class like science or home-ec. We will have growing pains with any change, and this is a big one! We are in this together my friends, it gets better.

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