HomeSchoolBuzz.com is a project of the Davis family of Western New York. We are a Christian home schooling family with three boys. Originally, our simple idea was to bring you stories of homeschooling in the news to encourage, inspire and inform. As time went on, we added family friendly reviews, book shopping and buzz from other homeschooling blogs.

Encourage us. Tell everyone. Spread the word to all the other homeschoolers you know. Even better, add a link from your web site if you have one. Only if we attract visitors to this site will we know we are meeting a need and that this is worth the effort.

We hope you are blessed by this website. The cost of operating this site is defrayed through ads or when you purchase items through the links on this site.

Homeschool Mom Kathy is the writer and book reviewer (with other reviews contributed by friends in the blogosphere). Homeschool Dad Gary handles website design, news-blogging and technical issues. Garrison Benny and Will (pictured here) are the reason we homeschool.

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