Parents try homeschooling

As an anonymous commenter points out, this is public school at home. Don’t confuse it with homeschooling.
Cindy Knoblauch of Havana has been a sixth-grade home-school teacher in English and arts for more than 12 years. She advocates making sure that children who are home-schooled get a variety of experiences.
The Knoblauch family is part of a home-school group of Gadsden County parents and children who meet once a month and share opportunities for learning. Read more…

Homeschool children show compassion

NEW ORLEANS (BP)–Their message was simple and their gifts were small, but a group of home school children from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary ministered to their neighborhood in their own special way to mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina Aug. 29.
Paula Stringer, professor of childhood education at New Orleans Seminary, led a group of more than 20 children and adults from the seminary’s home school network down nearby Gentilly Boulevard to pray and give bottles of cold water in Jesus’ name. Read more…

Carnival of Homeschooling 36: Labor Day

The Cates of are hosting this week with a “workers paradise.”
We begin our carnival with a history lesson.
The US Census Bureau produced a review on Labor Day facts called Fact for Features: Labor Day 2006. It includes the following information.
The first observance of Labor Day is believed to have been a parade of 10,000 workers on Sept. 5, 1882, in New York City, organized by Peter J. McGuire, a Carpenters and Joiners Union secretary. By 1893, more than half the states were observing a “Labor Day” on one day or another, and a bill to establish a federal holiday was passed by Congress in 1894. President Grover Cleveland signed the bill soon afterward — designating the first Monday in September as Labor Day. Read more…

Homeschoolers leap college hurdles

The original headline of this one doesn’t match the story. According to this article, yes homeschoolers in Florida do sometimes have additional requirements for admission, but nothing insurmountable.
It’s no easy task to apply for college when you don’t have official high school transcripts, your mom is your teacher and many admissions offices have extra requirements for home-schoolers.
But America’s home-school population is growing, and so is the number of home-educated students willing to face the extra challenges to get into college. At least half of the approximately 2 million home-schooled students in the United States pursue higher education. Read more…

Religious groups: Bolt from schools

This movement isn’t going away. (HT: Wayne)
A growing movement led by evangelical Christians is urging parents to take their children out of public schools.
The movement depicts public education as hostile to religious faith and claims to be behind a surge in the number of students being schooled at home.
‘The courts say no creationism, no prayer in public schools,’ said Roger Moran of Winfield, Mo., a businessman and member of the Southern Baptist Convention executive committee. ‘Humanism and evolution can be taught, but everything I believe is disallowed.’ Read more…

Back to work for homeschoolers

EAGLE COUNTY – Home-schooled kids really, really don’t get snow days.
For two local families, though, the advantages of educating the kids at home are worth the sacrifices. And there are sacrifices.
‘We drive used cars, we grow vegetables, we can food,’ Eagle homeschool mom Dee Dee Emmer said. Read more…

Different dropouts

UPDATE: I changed this link after the original source archived the story as subscription only. Same story, different headline.
NEW YORK | Public schools take a lot of criticism. A loosely organized but growing movement is now moving from harsh words to action — with parents taking their children out of public schools and exhorting other families to do the same.
Led mainly by evangelical Christians, the movement depicts public education as hostile to religious faith and claims to be behind a surge in the number of students being schooled at home. Read more…

Homeschool family’s great RV adventure

Thanks to another “alert reader” CJ for this story.
Home is where the Army sends you, as the saying goes.
But where is home after that?
Retired Lt. Col. Victor Krus and his family are about to find out. The Kruses are setting off on Friday for a yearlong RV tour of America, searching for a new hometown.
The rest of America might get to watch them find it. A Hollywood film crew is meeting the family at each stop, to record a travel documentary that could be sold to television. Read more…

Parents Fulfill Obligations ‘Before God’

Thanks to “alert reader” Lisa for letting me know about this story.
This is the first story of a two-part series on home-schooling families in Smith County.
Not all Smith County school-age children are rushing by car or bus to get to classes on time. When it comes to learning, there’s no school like home, members of three Smith County families said. Read more…

Not much home, and even less school

From the Jerusalem Post: unschoolers so hard-core, the term unschooler is not good enough for them.
‘We’re hardly at home and it’s nothing like school,’ says Sarah Natan, a homeschooler in the Jerusalem area.
The term ‘homeschooling,’ which implies a structured education process, has become a source of controversy among homeschoolers, many of whom now prefer the term ‘unschooling.’
“I don’t like the term unschooling because it uses school and then something negative,” says Sasha Zinigrad, a homeschooling father who lives in Ariel. “We don’t relate to school as something positive or negative.” Read more…


For Lisa Franey of Howell, the decision to home-school her children was an answer to a prayer.
Franey, 45, a former schoolteacher, and her husband, John, 44, a software engineer, decided to home-school their daughter Annalynn, now 13, when she was in the first grade. When Becky, now 9, came along, it seemed natural that she would join the home classroom. Read more…

Homeschool Magazine Responds to eBay’s Ban

WHITE PINE, Tenn., Aug. 31 /Christian Newswire/ — Five years ago, Gena Suarez started selling homeschool curriculum on eBay to make a little extra money. She developed a wonderful rapport with her customers as they began emailing her with general homeschool questions, like, “What method do you use?” “What curriculum do you like?” “How do you homeschool with a busy preschooler at home?” “How many hours a day does it take?” But those days are long gone. These days Gena and her husband, Paul, are publishers of The Old Schoolhouse� Magazine and are no longer selling curriculum on eBay. Today they couldn’t even sell teacher’s editions there if they wanted to since the Internet auction site now prohibits the sale of those materials. Read more…

Homeschooling hits the road

Nine-year-old Nathan Modlin is home-schooled, but some days he’s hardly ever at home. Read more…

The world is a classroom

Unschooling highlighted.
Back-to-school means getting up early again, cracking open textbooks, studying for tests. But local families like the Becks and Mattinglys have done away with all that.
They are “unschoolers,” a small but growing group of homeschooling parents who free themselves from nearly all the trappings of school. They teach, but they do it without set lessons, textbooks or multiple-choice tests. Read more…

Homeschool athletes ineligible in Virginia

Football coaches say David Goode, is well, good. At 13 years old, he already stands 6-foot-2. Last year he served as team captain in the Culpeper Football Association league, with teammates naming him Defensive Player of the Year.
But his debut in the Floyd T. Binns Middle School football program will never happen. David is a home school student, and the Culpeper school board policy prohibits such students from playing in middle school sports. Read more…

You’re the Boss: Homeschooling on the Rise

A brief TV news story.
While most kids are back in school, the Mueller family clings to summer. It’s not just a vacation, but an extended field trip.
Gina Mueller said, ‘We’re probably the only ones who go to the Omaha Zoo with a journal pad’ Read more…

Stossel: Schools need competition now

…The monopoly fails so many kids that more than a million parents now make big sacrifices to homeschool their kids. Two percent of school-aged kids are homeschooled now. If parents weren’t taxed to pay for lousy government schools, more might teach their kids at home.
Some parents choose to homeschool for religious reasons, but homeschooling has been increasing by 10 percent a year because so many parents are just fed up with the government’s schools. Read more…

Carnival of Homeschooling and the Trail of Tears

Category Five is hosting this week. In a bit of an unorthodox format, the carnival links are way at the end of the post.
Welcome to the next Carnival of Homeschooling. This week’s topic is a research project I’ve worked on here and there for the last three years, and was presented to the Van Buren County Historical Society in Spencer, Tennessee earlier this month. It’s a study of the weather conditions the Cherokee Indians encountered along the Trail of Tears. Read more…

Homeschool family in Germany flees after father jailed

Hamburg- A German couple who are determined to educate their six children entirely at home have fled the city of Hamburg after the father, Andre R, 44, was jailed for a week for refusing to enrol his offspring in a public school. The R family are evangelical Christians who believe that public schools are a bad moral influence on children. Father R has a university degree in teaching, so he thought he could teach his five daughters and one son their reading, writing and arithmetic at home. Read more…

Why We Homeschool – My journey to understanding

From WEBCommentary.
My wife, Ana, gave me a wonderful article she had written about homeschooling. I decided to feature her article because she has done a great job of articulating the benefits of homeschooling. Many parents who would love to homeschool cannot do so for various reasons. But for those who are considering starting this journey, Ana’s article will give you a great foundation. By the way, Sarah has just completed kindergarten with Ana as her teacher. I am proud to report that she is reading at a second grade level. Read more…