Unschooling: Child Directed Learning With No Books, No Schedules, No Curriculum

Another great story on unschooling.
Imagine school without books. Classes without curriculum. Learning without lessons. Unschooling is child directed learning. Where the learning comes naturally.
Unschooling was developed in 1977 by education reformer John Holt. Holt Associates estimates 150-thousand children were unschooled in 2005. That’s about 10-percent of all Homeschoolers. Read more…

When school’s at home

Actually, school is anything but ‘at home’.
DOUGLAS — Ian Robertson, 17, recently returned from a whirlwind tour of Europe, taking in the Renaissance art and architecture of Florence, Rome and beyond.
It was all part of his school day.
“I got more out of it than just reading about it,” Ian said. He studied up on European architecture and art before departing, and has returned with a sense that the world is far greater than what he’s personally familiar with.
Ian enjoyed that unique travel opportunity as a home-schooled student. His father, D.J., teaches Ian and his sister, sixth-grader Alex, from their home in Douglas. Student-specific learning and a solid curriculum often leave time for educational opportunities that include travel. When school’s at home

Typical homeschool day

FAIRMONT — Katie, 13, works quietly, sitting on the floor with her back braced against the wall. Sarah, 4, draws a picture of a butterfly at the dining room table while 8-year-old Steven does his math homework with a little help from his mother.
It’s just another typical school day in the Krumholz house. Read more…

TV Report on UnSchooling

Read or watch a positive tv report on unschooling.
COLUMBIA – It’s a form of home schooling where students pick their activities to do during the day.
‘I’m in second grade,’ said 8-year-old Adele Dorman, ‘but I’m not doing real school.’
Her schooling challenges the usual view of education.
‘They say, ‘What do you mean you’re not doing real school?’ And I tell them I’m doing unschooling,’ explained Adele. Read more…

Homeschoolers Win State Science Olympiad

These self-motivated kids look like they had fun with this.
Adam Mann and Daniel Roper, both 12-year-old homeschool students, won the state Science Olympiad championship.
The two created a complicated machine with 16 different mechanisms, including different kinds of pulleys, wedges and levers. The end result – a roll of toilet paper unfurls at the feet of the judges. Read more…

Einstein’s Carnival of Homeschooling

It’s Tuesday, so I should know by now that the next carnival of homeschooling is out. This week is hosted by WhyHomeschool and features Einstein.
This Carnival of Homeschooling is dedicated to a great Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879 – April 18, 1955) was a theoretical physicist widely regarded as the most important scientist of the 20th century. He was the author of the special and general theories of relativity and made significant contributions to quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and cosmology. Read more…

‘Unschoolers’ let interests dictate homeschool studies

A good article on unschooling from azcentral.com.
Richie Fox lives a life that would make other 6-year-olds jealous.
He has no homework, no set lessons, no textbooks and no school. He often goes to bed at 1 a.m. and wakes up at 10 a.m.
The Mesa boy is part of a small but growing educational movement called ‘unschooling,’ which allows children to dictate how and when they learn. It’s an extreme version of homeschooling, with no curriculum, no set hours and no comparing your child’s progress with others. Read more…

A different kind of home team

An article about homeschoolers integrated into a government school team.
In the insular world of high school, where a few hundred kids spend six hours a day together and everyone knows everyone else’s business, the transition from the classroom to the athletic field is virtually seamless. Same faces, different setting.
For the handful of home-schooled students who suit up for their local high schools, however, it’s not always so easy. In some cases, earlier participation in youth sports programs like Little League means the faces are familiar regardless of the educational situation. When that happens, a player like Brian Shorey can be the co-captain of the baseball team from a school he’s never attended. Read more…

Homeschoolers graduate in a big way

Another homeschool graduation story
ATLANTA, May 7 (UPI) — Home school parents in Georgia are going to great lengths to make sure their children experience the thrill of high school graduation.
Yearbooks, class rings and announcements are part of the experience for many, with parents digging into their own pockets to organize home school graduation ceremonies, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Read more…

Homeschooled girl’s storybook wins contest

Before falling off to sleep each night, 7-year-old Tala Thompson of Athens unwinds from her day by holding story time for the toy animals gathered in her bedroom.
She whispers quietly to her plush and plastic audience — sharing adventures she weaves from within her own imagination. Her favorite stories center around a heroic trio — a dragon, a lion and a horse she calls the “Saver Animals.” Read more…

Homeschoolers graduate

It’s graduation season.. One of the sure to be many stories on homeschool graduations.
MOUNT VERNON — Friday, a picture presentation of graduates, from birth to their senior year, preceded the Knox County Christian Home School Association 2006 commencement exercises at Lakeholm Church of the Nazarene.
Following the flag presentation by Boy Scout and Cub Scout Troop 372, Tim Myatt, president of the association, welcomed the families, graduates and guests. Read more…

Homeschooling hard work

A positive story on homeschooling.
For the past 10 years, Pamela Wantz of Butler Township has used the basics of math, science and literature to challenge the perspectives of her students.
“This is a really short time in your life,” Wantz tells them. “What are you going to glean from this time so that you can become a valuable part of this world and give?”
It’s not uncommon for a devoted teacher to instill such altruistic ambitions. What sets Wantz apart is the fact that her students are her own children. Her classroom is her dining room table. Read more…

From homeschool to college

This article contains some advice on college admissions for homeschoolers.
The number of homeschooled college applicants has risen dramatically in the past decade. There are currently 2 million children who study at home rather than at school, and the number is expected to reach 3 million by 2010. While an estimated 50% of these children attend college, many college admissions offices are still not certain about the best way to evaluate the academic experiences of these students. Read more…

Some Interesting Facts About Home Schooling

Lots of statistics. The author draws some interesting conclusions.
The government education establishment appears to have given up trying to portray home schoolers as the religious-right fringe and as hillbillies who don’t have the capacity to educate their own children. It is clear that home-schooled children outperform government-schooled children on achievement tests, so some still try to claim that home-schooled children aren’t well socialized. All such claims have been disproved in recent years. Additionally, home-schooling statistics reveal a few interesting surprises. Read more…

Homeschool Conference Draws International Attention

Today, he said, ‘If you educate a person with his mind, but not morals, you educate a wise criminal. It’s not just the academic, but it’s the character.’ Read more…

Homeschoolers bring love, joy to nursing home

What a great idea.
Once a month, a special exchange takes place at Hillcrest Nursing Home in Lawshe. The words “They’re here!” can be heard echoing in the hallways as the front doors open, and a vibrant group of home school students heads for the activities room. As fast as they can come, some in wheel chairs, Hillcrest residents arrive and disperse among the students as the anticipation mounts. Read more…

18th Carnival of Homeschooling

I’m a little late in hearing about this but the latest HS Carnival is out at The Thinking Mother.
As I was preparing this 18th Carnival of Homeschooling, it struck me that the wide range of subjects covered this week could be considered a cornucopia of wisdom. I found this lovely definition of cornucopia: ‘an overflowing store, an abundance’, which is what I think we have this week. I hope you enjoy the inspiration, enthusiasm and support that these homeschooling parents offer to you through their writing. Read more…

Homeschooling stance short-sighted

So says a New Brunswick homeschooling mom.
Provincial community colleges should recognize the credentials of home-schooled students, a New Brunswick mother says.
Carolee LeBlanc, who has always educated her 15-year old son Brody LeBlanc at home, recently contacted the registrar at New Brunswick Community College about photography courses when her son, currently a Grade 10 student, expressed an interest in that field. Read more…

Little Bitty Baby Learns Greek

A sneak peek at a new book for the youngest greek scholars.
Little Bitty Baby Learns Greek combines picturesque illustrations with simple guidewords to teach younger children the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet. This book, second in the ‘Little Bitty Baby Board Book’ series, is a fantastic way to introduce kids to Biblical Greek. Read more…

Nevada homegrown education

Good press about homeschooling in Nevada.
When Sparks resident Heather Moss makes a special cuisine for her family she is not only cooking, she also is including a lesson in math and culinary arts for her children.
‘Sometimes you have a wonderful teachable moment you can incorporate in your daily routine and it doesn’t have to be planned out,’ said Moss, who home-schools her five children. Read more…