Homemade homework

West Bend�s Faith Watson isn�t preparing to pack lunches and go back-to-school shopping for the five of her six school-age children.

She�s readying her curriculum to teach them herself, from high school to early elementary school.

She�s part of a growing trend.

Both in Washington County and across the country, home schooling is increasing in popularity. In 2003, 1.1 million students were home schooled in the United States, about 2.2 percent of the school-age population. That�s up from 850,000 (1.7 percent) in 1999, according the the National Center for Education Statistics. Read more…

Options proliferate for home-schooling

With schools back in session, a growing number of students are learning their lessons without leaving home.

Instead of loading their kids’ backpacks and taking them to the bus stop, more parents are choosing to home-school their children.

And as the number of home-schoolers grows, so does the number of activities and resources open to them. Read more…

Homeschool in Israel

‘Home schooling parents make an incredible commitment. By contrast, school is cheap and easy’

Barring a strike, major earthquake or some totally unexpected mishap, another school year will begin on September 1. The morning news will dutifully inform us of the number of children beginning first grade and the total number enrolled in the system and if there is no other news, we might also hear how many of them are Jews, Arabs or studying in independent ultra-Orthodox schools. But one thing we are unlikely to hear is how many children are remaining at home to be educated by their parents. Read more…

Child prodigy to unveil painting

Internationally known artistic child prodigy, Akiane Kramarik, will unveil her painting, ‘Father Forgive Them’, purchased and loaned to the Museum of religious Arts near Logan, by a local collector, along with her other masterpieces, including her donated ‘Prince of Peace,’ at the museum, Sept. 5 and 6.

The museum will be open regular hours these two days, but will be closed Saturday, Sept. 4 for preparation of the event. Hours are Sunday, 12 Noon to 5 p.m., and Monday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Barely 10 years old, Akiane has already earned considerable acclaim in a few short years. She was a guest on The Oprah Show, CNN, the Lou Dobbs Show, and the Wayne Brady Show. She has held her solo exhibition at Steve Lyman/Timber Stand Galleries. Read more…

Plimoth Plantation Hosts Annual Open House for Homeschoolers

PLYMOUTH, Mass., Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Plimoth Plantation, the non-

profit living-history museum well known for its accurate representation of

seventeenth-century New England life, today announced that it is hosting an

open house day for homeschooling families on Friday, September 10. The

program features reduced rates and special programs, such as hands-on

activities, song and dance programs, as well as visits to the colonial

village, Hobbamock’s Wampanoag homesite, and Mayflower II. The Homeschool Day

enables the growing base of home-schooled children and their families to

participate in a fun-filled and educational experience, while learning about

the many programs and resources the museum has to offer them.Read more…

Some parents tout home-schooling despite a drop in local numbers

KINGMAN � Home schools appear to be less popular than two years ago in Mohave County.

But they still have a core of strong advocates, including members of the Hualapai Home School group, a Kingman support organization for parents teaching their own children. Kim Roberts, past coordinator for the group, said she has home-schooled her children for nine years. They are Joshua, 13, Daniel, 12, and Samantha, 10.

�Teachers in the classroom do a good job,� Roberts said. �But parents have kind of abandoned their role in raising children and have put more responsibility on teachers, who have less time for academics and spend more time on discipline. Read more…

Homeschool desks filling up

LAFAYETTE � Not so long ago, parents like Kelda Poynot say they used to get funny looks from people when they said they homeschooled their children. Not anymore.

�I was a school teacher before and I didn�t understand. If people have the image that these children are isolated, they don�t understand,� Poynot said.

According to the state Department of Education, the number of families in Lafayette and surrounding parishes opting to homeschool their children is on the rise. Read more…

GUEST OPINION: Homeschoolers beware – children’s mental health screening includes you

OPINION — The Children’s Mental Health Partnership Act was passed on August 8, 2003, with overwhelming support from the legislators of both Illinois houses.

The Illinois House passed this into law with a 107 to 5 vote. The Senate�s consensus vote was unanimous, with three not voting.

Many have questioned how and even whether this affects Illinois homeschoolers, since homeschoolers are exempt from the public school mandates.

But this Act does affect homeschoolers by the �partnership� of many government entities that homeschoolers use, with little or no accountability as to the right to educate their children as they see fit. Read more…

Home schools pursue diversity

When Louise Omoto Kessel walked into a home-schooling support group recently with her son, Jabu, she noticed right away that the 3-year-old was different from the rest.

None of the other children shared his skin tone, which shines like freshly polished mahogany.

‘I grew up in a multicultural family, and cultural education is a high priority for me,’ Kessel said. ‘I wanted to be in a group where that would be a priority.’

After searching unsuccessfully for such a group where Jabu could develop an appreciation of all hues, Kessel and Angela Davis Kincy, another home-school parent, decided to form one on their own. Read more…

Home-Schooled Students Dive Into Science at Explorations V

D’Ette Marceaux adds water to her beaker with the precision of a Nobel Prize-winning scientist. She carefully draws a thick black line on a waferthin coffee filter, then touches the filter to the water.

Like magic, the paper draws in the water, dissolving the single black line into a series of fuzzy blue, green and purple streaks.

‘It’s amazing,’ the 8-year-old South Lakeland girl breathes, awed. Read more…

Home-school help’s ready at library

Packing a child off to class on a big yellow bus can be tough, especially for parents who are sending a first-time scholar out into the world.

But for moms and dads who teach the classes at home, in addition to making lunches and double-checking homework, back-to-school time can be especially daunting. Read more…

Back to (home) school

Corry Vander Sluis’ back-to-school shopping needs are simple. Just some pencils and pens to replace last year’s well-used supply.

While parents of traditional-school students are spending an average of more than $400 this fall on school clothes and supplies as they ready for the first day, Vander Sluis and her three children prepare for another year of homeschooling by cleaning their Laketown Township house and turning a basement room back into their schoolroom. Read more…

Homeschoolers form tight community

While area teachers prepared for incoming students last week, the Albemarle Home Schoolers enjoyed a day at the park with their children.

The group began about a year ago, but member Silvia Barrett said the number of people involved �really started coming in fast� in September. read more…

Households convert back to homeschool traditions

For Roxanne Parks and her family, back to school means back to the kitchen table.

The Edmond family starts the day together in the kitchen, where they eat breakfast and dad, Bryan, leads Bible and history lessons. After he heads down the hall to his home office, Roxanne takes their four children to the cozy homeschool room upstairs to study Latin, math and science.

The schedule for their new school year, which started last week, is taped to the oven door for easy reference. It sets times for their children — Matthew, 15; Lauren, 13; David, 12; and Jonathan, 10 — to read, practice piano, do household chores and study grammar, literature and writing. Read more…

More dads home-schooling

Three days a week, the Abelino family’s school schedule goes something like this:

Richard, the dad, gets to his home in Watauga in the morning after his 24-hour shift as a firefighter. He wakes his three children for a morning workout, which is followed by breakfast, a few chores and a shower. Then come English, reading and math lessons taught by Dad in the family’s playroom-turned-classroom.

Jennifer, the mom, stays clear of the classroom until it’s her day to teach. Read more…

Homeschooling continues to grow. The reasons may surprise you.

More and more families are making the decision to homeschool. No longer confined to ultra conservative religious groups, homeschooling is growing at a rate of 11% per year and for a variety of reasons.

(PRWEB) August 19, 2004 — More and more families are making the decision to homeschool their children and the the list of reasons why is growing almost as fast as the number of families doing it.

In a 1999 survey, the National Center of Education Statistics found that approximately 850,000 students ranging in age from 5 to 17 were being taught at home instead of attending a public or private school. Read more…

More Parents Turning to Home Schooling

According to education statistics more parents are turning to home schooling to educate their kids. It’s up 29-percent since 1999. So how and why are parents signing up?

Cathy Otway is teaching algebra, but not in your regular classroom. At home, with all the makings of your typical public school classroom, Cathy has been homeschooling her daughters for 9 years now. And she’s not alone. Read more…

Benefits Of Home-Schooling

While hundreds of students will be returning to school Tuesday, hundreds of other students will be hitting the books from home. The reason: they’re home schooled. Read more…

Rapid growth of Homeschooling reflective of national trends

Many local students are getting ready to head back into a vortex of learning, changing classes and crowded hallways — otherwise known as school.

But for a number of children, home is where they�ll discover the world of education this school year. And according to the National Household Education Surveys Program, that number is growing.

State Department of Education statistics compiled from the 1991-92 school year to the 2002-03 school year show that the number of home-schooled children in Cabell County has climbed from 41 students to 211 — with a peak of 234 in 2000-01 — indicating an increase of 415 percent. Read more…

Homeschooling a course in economics

At the Kangas household in Tonganoxie, Kan., back-to-school purchases include paper and pencils, books and workbooks, but not backpacks, bus fare or parking passes.

That’s because back to school for the Kangas children means traveling only as far as the family room.

Like hundreds of thousands of families nationwide, Todd and Pat Kangas homeschool their children.

And schooling costs vary dramatically. Read more…