Homeschooling 101 in Illinois

Home-School 101: How the system works via

Lori Cook, of Ottawa, believes Illinois can be a difficult state to live in with many of its laws and regulations. However, when it comes to home-schooling her two young daughters, Cook is grateful to live in the Land of Lincoln. “Illinois is one of the easiest states to home-school in with regard to regulation,” Cook said. “We don’t have to report to anybody. We’re just left alone. There’s no standardized testing.”

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Schooled at home, but fighting to play

Eric Bender wants to suit up for the Hampshire High School Whip-Purs’ varsity football team, a dream so real that the 16-year-old yearns for another chance to try out despite being turned down two seasons in a row.
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Illinois Homeschool kids can play

Students who are home-schooled should not be denied access to extracurricular activities.
Parents select to home-school children for a plethora of reasons. However, those families still pay taxes to the school district and they still should be able to enjoy benefits and services the district provides.
District 300 is reviewing its policy regarding home-schooled students. The district does not allow students who are not enrolled full-time to participate in extracurricular activities. That policy should change. Read more…

Homeschooled team launch bid for rocket title

Can you make an egg fly 850 feet in the air, and then land without it breaking?
Kaneville Township resident Karl Stough can.
Stough, 17, has worked with two friends, 17-year-old Brendan McMillan and 14-year-old Matthew McMillan, to design and build a rocket to accomplish just that. Read more…

Home is where the knowledge is

Karen Hoogland’s oldest son was an academic star in public school. He learned so quickly that he spent a lot of time not doing anything.
Karen Laurenzana’s oldest son did so poorly that his mother wanted the school to make him repeat a grade for the second time.
The school refused.
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Homeschooler hits the right notes

MARENGO – In many ways, Kyle Krause of Marengo is like any other teenager.
He goes hunting and fishing with his dad, Walter. He also likes snowboarding and riding rollercoasters.
But few 15-year-olds know their way around a piano keyboard the way this ninth-grader does.
Krause, who has been studying piano since he was 5 years old, won the first prize at the 2006 Rockford Symphony Orchestra/Rock Valley College Concerto Competition earlier this year. Read more…