Teaching 4 Dimensions

Teaching 4 Dimensions

We all know about the three dimensions of width, height, depth. It may be a bit of a stretch to learn 4 (or more) dimensions using pencil and paper. Dimensions is an online video series that will visually teach 4 dimension in a somewhat understandable format.

If you child has reached the outer limits of his/her understanding of geometry, this might be the ticket. I watched some of the segments, (there’s 2 hours in all) there is a slow progression, building on what you know until you finally break through to a new dimension of space. I’d recommend this for kids who have an understanding of geometry.

A film for a wide audience!

Nine chapters, two hours of maths, that take you gradually up to the fourth dimension. Mathematical vertigo guaranteed! Background information on every chapter: see Read more…

Homeschooled "mathlete" moves toward goals

Homeschooled “mathlete” moves toward goals

We have reported before on this multi-talented girl when she achieved a perfect score on her SAT essay.

The equation was straightforward. Orcutt resident Anna Schwab multiplied x amount of studying with x number of competitions to reach her goal: qualifying for the California State MATHCOUNTS Championship.
The 13-year-old’s success came through her participation in the local MATHCOUNTS Chapter competition in San Luis Obispo on Feb. 2.
“We were totally stunned. The competition is so fierce, we were completely stunned,” said Ryan Schwab, Anna’s father.
Anna, who is home-schooled, has participated in the competition for the last three years, often against as many as 50 other Central Coast math students. Last year, she placed 10th. Read more…

14 year-old homeschooler has perfect SAT math score

14 year-old homeschooler has perfect SAT math score

One gifted child unencumbered by the system.

Michael Buttolph is the youngest kid in his pre-calculus class. A 14-year-old freshman, he will have exhausted the math curriculum at his high school by the end of next year. When he begins the next step of taking upper-level classes at a local university, Buttolph won’t even be old enough to drive.
Buttolph, of Rumney, doesn’t mind.
“It’s a lot better to be the youngest than the oldest,” he said. “They (the older kids) respect me.” Read more…

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Cool math tool

I’m no math whiz but Andrey Burkov just sent an e-mail about this cool tool he created to write fancy math equations online. Click on the example link if you (like me) don’t have a clue. Should be useful to some of you math nerds out there. Read more…