Central Oklahoma Homeschool Bands

Central Oklahoma Homeschool Bands

OK, so most of us don’t live in central Oklahoma. But this sounds like a good model for any community homeschool band.

Sometimes Tom Dye has to shush his students, but not very often. Nearly every time the band director picks up his baton, his students are watching attentively.
“They think about education in a different way than public school students,” said Dye, director of Central Oklahoma Homeschool Bands. “Most of these students are dedicated. They study. They do it all on their own.”
This semester marks the 10th year for the homeschool band program, which Dye said he’s heard is the largest in the country. The entire program started with a clarinet lesson. Read more…

Avril Homeschooled NOT

(CBS) Canadian pop-rock singer Avril Lavigne will be the guest on Sunday’s premiere of the new A&E performance and interview show “Private Sessions.”
On the show, Lavigne explained that after landing her first record deal at the age of 15, she was more than happy to leave high school behind.
“I remember talking to my friends on the phone and they’re getting ready for exams, and I was like, ‘ha, ha, ha.'” I was supposed to do home schooling and I was supposed to read books, but I didn’t do it. Basically I’m a high school dropout.” Read more…

Homeschooler hits the right notes

MARENGO – In many ways, Kyle Krause of Marengo is like any other teenager.
He goes hunting and fishing with his dad, Walter. He also likes snowboarding and riding rollercoasters.
But few 15-year-olds know their way around a piano keyboard the way this ninth-grader does.
Krause, who has been studying piano since he was 5 years old, won the first prize at the 2006 Rockford Symphony Orchestra/Rock Valley College Concerto Competition earlier this year. Read more…