Father Abraham: Lincoln and His Sons

By Harold Holzer Recommended reading level: 10 and up Reviewed by Kathy Davis Eddie, Robert, Willie, Tad – beloved sons of Abraham Lincoln. They were spirited, spoiled, beautiful, privileged children of the president of the United States.  Yet status, wealth, love, … Continue reading

IXL: Where Math and Fun Collide

Homeschoolbuzz had the opportunity to review IXL‘s online math membership program, where math practice is neither a bore nor a chore but productive fun.  This has been such a wonderful experience for my 7th grader Will – he looks forward to … Continue reading

The Homeschool Mom’s Bible Premieres

Zondervan is a well recognized name in the Christian publishing industry. They have many different devotional bibles available, such as a Homeschool Mom’s Bible  which I received for this TOS crew review.  It is a hardcover edition containing the full bible text … Continue reading

The Presidential Game

The Presidential Game, recommended for ages 11 to adult is a whirlwind of fun that simulates the electoral process for the Presidential office of the United States of America.  For this TOS Crew Review review, two of my boys (ages … Continue reading

Unlock Your Potential, Discover Your Strengths

Learn or you’ll be made to learn.  That’s old school.  New school: unlock your potential.  Determine your strengths, discover your learning style, and unleash your talents.  For this TOS Crew Review of PeopleKeys, a company specializing in behavior analysis,  I had … Continue reading

Never Call The Bricklayer a Toilet

As I write this review of Homeschool Spanish Academy I am sad my lessons in the Adult program are nearly over. I have had a wonderful experience and am impressed…they got me speaking Spanish and estoy enganchado de Español! I work … Continue reading

Doorposts: Because You are Strong

I have three boys who have quickly grown to three young men.  One off to college, one graduating next year, and the youngest soon will be a teen.  More than being able to recite Pi to ten digits, to speak … Continue reading

Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner

I had a struggling learner.  Fourth grade was a beast. Math was a chore. Writing was like medieval torture, and the basic rules of grammar might have well been a foreign language. It seemed as though everything I tried to … Continue reading

Piano Lessons with MacPhail Center of Music

MacPhail Center for Music, first established in 1907 and located in Minneapolis, now offers online lessons. For this TOS crew review my son Benny took four live MacPhail Online 1:1 piano lessons with a certified Royal Conservatory of Music piano teacher. All … Continue reading

Circle Time: A TOS Crew Review

I had a chance to review Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Day by Preschoolers and Peace (Kendra Fletcher), a start-up guide for planning and implementing a successful group school time in your home.  Moms who have multiple grades, … Continue reading