Home learning expected to boom in UK

Home learning expected to boom in UK

No details on how do they predict the future, but it’s an interesting prediction.

Research by Durham University estimated that 150,000 UK children are taught at home, a figure expected to triple over the next decade.
There are no official statistics to show why families pull their offspring out of the system, but studies have suggested the main reason was bullying, followed by dissatisfaction with educational standards in school. Read more…

Bullies driving thousands of pupils to study at home

Bullies driving thousands of pupils to study at home

More from the UK…

Thousands of children are being educated at home because they have been so seriously bullied at school.
The revelation will fuel fears over collapsing classroom discipline on the eve of Ofsted’s annual report on the state of education in England. Read more…

Homeschool Figures “Staggering”

A UK teacher openly admits to wanting to stamp out homeschooling.

Shocking figures revealed this week show that a staggering number of parents in Lancashire are now opting to educate their children at home.
Some 567 children in the county are being taught at home, an 800 per cent rise in five years, rising from 61 in 2003.
The figures released under the freedom of information act show that 38 of those were from just one Preston school.
At City of Preston High School in Ribbleton, 38 children were taken out over a period of 12 months.
Head teacher Christopher Meldrum declined to speak to The Citizen but told Channel 4 News that he did not support home schooling and wanted to stamp it out. Read more…

More from UK Channel 4 on homeschooling

More from UK Channel 4 on homeschooling

Our reactionary friends at UK Channel 4 actually have a whole series on homeschooling and it’s various reasons. Not all of them are as slanted and negative. Here’s the complete list:

UK Minister denies homeschool rise

UK Minister denies homeschool rise

A follow-up to the previous story on the Sinister threat of Homeschooling in the UK: a UK minister takes umbrage with the story, not because it defames homeschooling, but because it reflects poorly on government schools.
Reports that home schooling is increasing across certain parts of the country have been dismissed by the minister of state for schools, Jim Knight. Read more…

The Sinister threat of Homeschooling in the UK

The Sinister threat of Homeschooling in the UK

Hit tip to Mom Is Teaching. This slanted TV report from the UK subtly homeschoolers are part of a vast conspiracy or worse. They do this by simply feeding on stereotypes and misconceptions while presenting selective facts.
Channel 4 News Online reveals that the number of children being schooled at home has risen by more than 60 per cent in the past five years.
More than 80 per cent of education authorities reported hikes in the number of children being educated at home, according to the Freedom of Information (FoI) probe. Read more…

UK: Homeschooling gives youngsters good start in life

NICOLA Yeo is an educated woman with a background working as a secretary in the City of London, but is the first to say she is not “the brain of Britain”.
Despite that she is now educating her sons Harry (9) and Thomas (8) at home and has seen them make more progress in the last year than they ever did at school.
She has discovered a growing number of parents taking their children out of school and has now joined with some of them to form the Freedm group. Read more…

No New Restrictions for British Homeschoolers

LONDON, May 28, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The UK’s Department for Education and Skills has issued a set of draft guidelines for homeschooling families that remind local administrative councils that parents have the legal right to educate their children at home.
The draft guidelines are to accompany a proposed consultation period and represent a shift away from the department’s rumoured position against homeschooling. Plans to implement the compulsory registration and tight monitoring of homeschooling families have been dropped. Local authorities, the document says, have “no statutory duties in relation to monitoring the quality of home education on a routine basis”. Read more…

New home schooling rules in UK

I’d like to hear comments from UK homeschoolers about this. what do you think?
Parents educating children at home will be subjected to tighter controls amid fears that many young people receive little or no tuition.
A record number of parents are thought to be educating their children at home because of mounting disillusionment with state schools.
The Government’s own research reveals that the number of young people withdrawn from school is on the increase following concern over indiscipline and the quality of lessons. Read more…

UK Homeschooling truancy scam

Another post from the UK, details how school official encourage parents of truants to homeschool to reduce rates.
Up to 150,000 children are thought to be home educated in England
Some local authorities are trying to cut their truancy rates by urging parents of persistent truants to say they will home educate, it is claimed.
Home education charity Education Otherwise says parents of truants and disruptive pupils are being urged to sign pre-typed de-registration slips.
Read more…

Homeschooling attacked in UK

An editorial from a Teachers trade journal attacking homeschooling in the UK. They cite anecdotal evidence with no comparison to the abuse and lack of learning in government schools.
One in four parents who home-educate children provides little or no teaching
As many as 35,000 home-schooled children are not receiving even a basic education from their parents, according to inspectors, prompting calls for a change in the law.
Despite the stereotype of creative middle-class parents educating their children at the kitchen table, a quarter of home-schooled children are doing little or no work, officials claimed.
Read more…

A Life in the Day (of a homeschooler)

Marina, 9, is one of six children in the Sabisky household. She lives in west London with her parents, Ed and Kate, and her brothers and sister: Andrew, 15, Anastasia, 12, Nicholas, 11, Richard, 6, and Christopher, 3. Marina is home-schooled with three of her siblings
I drag myself out of bed at 7.30. I hear the baby singing Sing a Song of Bincess. His name is Christopher, but we call him Cherub. I go into his bedroom and take him out of his cot. I carry him downstairs. He weighs a ton. Read more…

UK Homeschooling numbers uncertain

Home-educated children do not have to follow the national curriculum
An attempt to find out how many children in England are being educated at home suggests the number might range between 7,400 and 34,400.
But the study, commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills, concludes there is no accurate picture of the extent of home educating.
And it says the rules governing home education are “too vague”.
Read more…

UK Homeschooling ‘triples in eight years’

Soaring numbers of parents are teaching their children at home because they are not happy with the quality of state education, according to government research.
The study said at least 16,000 children in England are now educated at home – a threefold increase since 1999.
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Homeschooling vs. Totalitarian Regime

MANY people will know a family in which the children do not go to school and are instead taught by their parents.
A century ago home schooling was the preserve of the rich but now there are a variety of reasons why youngsters are not involved in mainstream education, ranging from illness to religious belief.
Highland Council reported last week that about 100 children were being taught at home across the region but admitted that the figure could be higher as there was no requirement for the education authority to be informed in every case.
Vice-convener Dr Michael Foxley described the figure as “scary” and claimed that in some cases parents’ reasons for keeping their sons and daughters away from school were “flaky”. Read more…

Homeschooling Blasting Off in Britain

Growing disquiet about “rigid” education in schools has prompted a surge in the number of East Anglian parents opting to teach their children at home, new figures reveal.
More parents are rejecting traditional schooling because they claim the prescriptive curriculum does not allow their children to develop their creativity and general knowledge. Read more…

Scots Call for change on homeschooling

CAMPAIGNERS yesterday called for a change in the law to make it easier for Scottish parents to educate their children at home.
Currently, families who want to remove their children from state education have to seek consent from their local authority. Read more…

More UK kids having lessons at home

A very short piece from a kids site across the pond.
Many of you went back to school this week, but for thousands of kids in the UK this was no big deal – because they are being taught at home. Read more…

Lessons in my lounge!

Cute kid.
Most of you go to school but thousands of you don’t – you’re taught at home by your parents.
Press Packer Amy gets taught at home and in her report she tells us what she enjoys about it. Read more…

UK Councils Blocking Parents from Homeschooling

The battle for homeschooling rights is just beginning in much of Europe.

PARENTS who want to take their children out of the state school system to educate them at home are still being obstructed by local authorities, it was claimed yesterday.

According to a charity which represents home educators, officials continue to ignore guidance issued by the Scottish Executive last year, advising them to process requests ‘without delay’ unless legitimate concerns exist over the safety of the child. Read more…