‘Dropout’ now at head of class

Homeschooled since age four but no doubt gifted.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is a high school dropout.

But don’t let that fool you, the 16-year-old has already earned 60 units of credit at Citrus College in Glendora. He is also studying mathematics at the Harvey Mudd College of Engineering in Claremont.

The longtime Covina resident, who recently moved to Alta Loma with his family, has never set foot in a school – elementary, middle or high.

Kennedy went straight from home schooling to college at 11. Since then, the gangly adolescent says he has taken every mathematics course he could at Citrus.” Read more…

Homeschooled teen sweeps top local art show awards

Homeschooling has allowed him to excell in his talent.

A painting by 17-year-old Brad Markowski won the prize for his age group, the ‘Best of Show’ award and the ‘People’s Choice’ award.

‘That was unusual,’ said Cary Meltzer, the event organizer and director of the Children’s Room at the Utica Public Library. ‘Everybody loved it.’

The pieces were judged by a panel of teachers, artists, library staff, and community leaders and Markowski won first prize for his age group and the ‘Best of Show’ award. Visitors to the art gallery also had the chance to vote for their favorite piece of artwork. They selected Markowski’s painting and he was awarded with the ‘People’s Choice’ award. Read more…

Everybody ought to home school

The article is more toned down that the headline. Still, it wasn’t a homeschooler who said this.

I’m not a parent, and I don’t want to be.

I know at this point in my life I could not devote the amount of time I think a child deserves.

But I do know parents. I know teachers, and I know students. And that’s enough to know there is a real problem with our public education system.

It’s not all the teachers’ fault. It’s the parents’ fault. Read more…

UC Riverside aims to draw home-schooled students

I think I reported on this once before. It’s a polar opposite to the NY laws mentioned earlier today.

RIVERSIDE — UC Riverside has launched a campaign to draw home-schooled pupils by creating a special application process geared toward them.

The process takes into account individual students’ achievements, grades nd test scores, said Kris Lovekin, spokeswoman for the university.

To apply, students must still have a high school diploma and valid test scores, said Merlyn Campos, associate director of admissions. Read more…

Freedom to set own schedule, priorities

Some very practical reasons for homeschooling.

One of the reasons I never have regretted my decision to home-school my children is it provided me an enormous amount of freedom and the ability to integrate all aspects of my life.

Everyone with children in schools knows the degree to which life becomes dominated by the schedule, regulations and decisions of those in the school. The daily schedule, holidays, vacation and snow days, the half days and service days — these determine the parents’ marching orders. Read more…

A brief guide to reforming education

This may be a bit political for some tastes, but this author raises some good answers to common positions for government education.

Opponents of public education will often hold beliefs that, while seemingly consistent, will paradoxically work against each other. It must be understood that effectively opposing an institution as immense as public education is going to require a coalition commensurate in influence. We must further understand the only means by which that coalition is going to come about. Read more…

NY rules changed re college admission for homeschoolers

I am not sure this is any different from the bill proposed over a year ago. Homeschoolers didn’t like the extra burden of proof, reliance on the school administrator, or the stigma of a GED. Most other states do not have these requirements.
New York’s Regents have expanded college graduation options for home-schooled children, easing what had been rancorous relations between parents who teach their children at home and the governmental agencies charged with overseeing New York children’s education.”Read more…

Homeschoolers make production of ‘The Nutcracker’a family affair

The entire family is participating in the theatrical production.

When talk began of plans for a production of The Nutcracker to be held in Dublin, one local family never knew just what a production it would turn out to be. �Our girls all tried out and all got in,� Bruce Mayhew said of his three daughters Bethany, Olivia and Abbey. �Then, they needed more Party Parents… Adults to dance during the party scene at the beginning of the ballet.� A friend of the family passed along a tip to organizers that she knew the perfect couple for the part, Bruce and Julie Mayhew. �… We�re already going to the rehearsals, what�s two more,� Julie said. �How many times is your whole family going to be in The Nutcracker?� Read more…

Schooling starts early for local family

Another profile of a homeschool family.

Instead of a typical classroom, Tiffany Beckwith of Coraopolis has chosen to use her home as her daughters’ learning environment.

She is embarking on a familiar route many families are taking by electing to teach their children at home instead of sending them to public schools.

Beckwith, who is currently teaching her 3-year-old daughter, has nothing negative to say about public schools. Read more…

In PA, Homeschoolers can join school sports teams

Or, they can form their own sports teams. So many homeschool now, that this is less of an issue.

Gov. Ed Rendell signed a law affecting at least 2,595 homeschool students in Lancaster County on Jan. 1. On Thursday, Nov. 10, Gov. Rendell signed the homeschool bill permitting home-school students to participate in after school activities-like sports, drama, and band because Rendell said, ‘To deny these girls and boys the opportunity (to participate) is wrong.’

A law was signed in 1988 regarding homeschool, but it failed to set any guidelines regarding extracurricular activities. Therefore, each school district set individual guidelines. Read more…

Home school in family’s mix

Yet another story today.
Monroeville resident Janet Kelly is quick to talk about the advantages home-schooling has given her and her three sons, but the process hasn’t been an exercise in isolation.
Far from it, actually. During the years she has home schooled her children, she has experimented with public schools, Christian schools, extracurricular activities at public schools, enrichment centers and more. Read more…

Family surprised to find themselves teaching at home

How could this happen?

A year ago Leatta Workman�s first response to homeschooling was, �What�s wrong with them?�

Two of months ago Workman telephoned a friend she hadn�t seen in a while and had a confession to make.

�I told her, �You�ll never believe what I�ve become – one of those homeschooling nuts,�� Workman said. Read more…

Home schooled…with a touch of class

All about Co-ops…
For Laureen Eichelberger, the greatest satisfaction of being a home schooling mom comes when her children grasp a new concept.
Eichelberger and her husband, Steve, have homeschooled their children since their oldest daughter, Kara, 16, was in first grade. She had attended kindergarten before they began home schooling.
They started because they wanted their children to avoid negative peer pressure, and because they wanted them to have the freedom to worship and pray while learning. Read more…

For one family, homeschooling the right choice

There is plenty of information in this article for people unfamiliar with homeschooling.

At first she was totally against it.

Now, she and her family willingly make sacrifices so that they can make it happen.

‘It’ is home schooling, and Jeny Jansen says that, although she had fought against it for her family in the past, it actually is well worth the luxuries they sometimes may have to do without.

Both Jeny and her husband, Robert, think that the benefits of educating their daughter themselves at their North Fayette home far outweigh the disadvantages. Read more…

Homeschooer’s website fame helps pay for College

Long ago we reported on the fact that this kid got to interview JK Rowling ash she is a big fan of his site. Now he’s a homeschool graduate and still motivated by his love of reading.

Harry Potter fan site helps pay his way at his magical school — Notre Dame

He’s a muggle (nonmagic), but Notre Dame freshman Emerson Spartz is a wizard when it comes to his Harry Potter Web site.

The 18-year-old LaPorte native founded www.MuggleNet.com — one of the top Potter sites in the world with 20 million hits per month — as a 12-year-old. What began as a primitive Web site has grown into a polished interactive site and repository for all things connected to the magical world of Harry Potter. Read more…

UK Councils Blocking Parents from Homeschooling

The battle for homeschooling rights is just beginning in much of Europe.

PARENTS who want to take their children out of the state school system to educate them at home are still being obstructed by local authorities, it was claimed yesterday.

According to a charity which represents home educators, officials continue to ignore guidance issued by the Scottish Executive last year, advising them to process requests ‘without delay’ unless legitimate concerns exist over the safety of the child. Read more…

Homeschooled, not homebound

Most homeschoolers these days are involved in some kind of sports co-op.

HAMPTON — For Kenny Baacke and his two little brothers, gym class falls at the same time every day – from 10 to 11 a.m., usually followed by a quick huddle with friends on the coolest video games (NFL Street 2) and college sports teams (overall, go Hokies).

It’s way more fun than shooting hoops on their own. That’s what the Baacke boys often did to blow off steam before the West Hampton Community Center started a fitness program for them and a growing number of other kids with at least two things in common: They have tons of energy, and they are homeschooled. Read more…

Semi-happy home-schoolers in PA

Small victories. Much left to do in PA (and other states).

Congratulations to state Sen. Bob Regola (R-Westmoreland)! As a home-schooled graduate, I was thrilled to see that his bill to allow home-schoolers to play in sports and other activities was signed into law (‘Home-schoolers get extracurricular access,’ Nov 11 and TribLIVE.com).

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania still has a lousy home-schooling law, especially for home-schooled graduates. I graduated from high school as a home-schooled student with a near perfect SAT score (1570 out of 1600), was a National Merit Finalist and was accepted into all of the colleges I applied to. And I was 15 at the time. Read more…

‘Unschoolers’ can learn – or not

How unschooled are you? Our own family has a semi structured day. I think it’s not just black and white, unschooled or homeschooled.

As most schoolchildren are sitting down for their morning classes, Taylor Gavin is just rolling out of bed. ‘Sometimes I get up at 8, sometimes not until 9 or 10. It just depends,’ the talkative 11-year-old says.

Each day is different for Taylor and his 10-year-old sister, Karina. Activities range from video games at their East Side home to dance lessons to museum and national park visits.

The Gavins are ‘unschoolers,’ a small branch of home-schoolers with parents who reject the structured and authoritative nature of today’s education system. Some call it ‘discovery learning’ because of its laissez faire attitude.” Read more…

Feeding the fires of Moloch

The sometimes radical Vox Day (is that his real name?) has a very well reasoned piece today with some encouragement for homeschoolers.

Not long ago, I bore witness to a small thing that many would consider sweet, and others would regard as ominous, even sinister. It was a Sunday, I was attending a small evangelical church, and the 50 or so people there were singing an upbeat contemporary Christian song accompanied by a decent electronic sampler with a built-in drum machine. Read more…