Not all homeschoolers fit the stereotype

Kids are hiding the fact that they’re homeschooled because of an anti-social stigma? The only truly anti-social kids I know are government-schooled. But I wouldn’t say that about all government-schooled kids.

After a year and a half at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Burke Street couldn�t keep his background as a homeschooled student a secret any longer.

His friends were looking up online satellite photos of each of their high schools, and finally the dreaded question came to Street: �Burke, where�s your high school?�

�I couldn�t duck that question. Other things I could just kind of be ambiguous about,� said Street, a finance and economics major. �But I was like, �Well, actually, I was home-educated.�� Read more…

Legislation comes to late for athlete

Unfortunately, some students are forced by the government to choose between an education (homeschooling) and sports.

Legislation signed by Governor Ed Rendell this week that requires public schools to allow home-schooled students to participate in extracurricular activities came too late for Megan Angstadt � she’s in college now.

The refusal of Midd-West School District officials to allow Megan to play basketball while she was enrolled in a cyber charter school led to a lengthy federal lawsuit in which the school system ultimately prevailed. Read more…

Pa. Gov. signs law to open activities to homeschoolers

Well, it’s law now. After the winter break, homeschoolers will be able to participate.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Pennsylvania’s public schools will have to open their sports teams, drama clubs, marching bands and other extracurricular activities to home-schooled students starting Jan. 1 under a bill signed Thursday by Gov. Ed Rendell.

‘To deny these girls and boys the opportunity (to participate) is wrong,’ Rendell said as nearly 40 home-schoolers and their parents looked on during a bill-signing ceremony. Read more…

Homeschooled Hutcherson shoots for stardom

Homeschooled and level-headed.
Josh Hutcherson co-stars include Tom Hanks in ‘The Polar Express,’ Tim Robbins in ‘Zathura,’ and Robin Williams in next year’s ‘R.V.’
Josh Hutcherson has his near future pretty well mapped out, for a 13-year-old:
Continue home-schooling year-round. ‘My goal is I’m gonna graduate high school at 16,’ said the Union, Ky., native and star of ‘Zathura,’ opening Friday.
‘As of now, I’d graduate when I’m 17, so I’m trying to get another year ahead.’ Read more…

Activities to open to PA homeschoolers

OK, sign the bill already. I’ve been reporting on this as pending legislation for weeks now.

Public schools would be ordered to allow homeschooled children to participate in extra-curricular activities in the school districts where they live on Jan. 1.

Gov. Ed Rendell today is expected to sign legislation mandating school districts to give homeschoolers the long-awaited right to try out for interscholastic athletics, clubs, music programs and theatrical productions. Read more…

Preschool Harms Social Skill Development

Homeschoolers have been warned that keeping kids out of school inhibits social skill development. This research seems to reverse that assumption.

A new study on the effects of preschool on children, which finds attendance harms kids’ emotional and social development, is being used by a homeschool organization to help encourage parents to educate their children at home.

The study, conducted at UC Berkeley and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, found that while youngsters gained cognitive abilities via the preschool experience, behavioral problems also increased � especially among kids from wealthy families. Read more…

Homeschool scholars

Passion becomes bussiness for some home schoolers.

Two years ago, Jonathan Olson, now 11, was being sent to the library of his public school to work alone on advanced math problems. At the end of Jonathan’s fourth-grade year, his mother, Brenda Olson, made a decision: He would now be home schooled.

‘I only have one child. I want him to achieve his full potential,’ she said. ‘I thought I could do a better job.’ Read more…

Homeschoolers travel the world

The headline’s a little more exciting than the story. But it might give you a ideas for a co-op activity.

PRATTVILLE — On one plate, Hannah Fata had rice from China, grilled pita bread with feta cucumber salsa from Egypt, streusel, meat and cheese from Germany, and pico de gallo from Guatemala.

‘The waffle with powder on it tasted like a donut,’ said 8-year-old Hannah. ‘The rice tasted like rice from Chinese restaurants. I’m still sampling the rest.’ Read more…

Public School Prisons

Would you consider this an extreme position or realistic? It sounds to me to be all too familiar.
Why have we put our children into educational prisons called public schools? What crimes have they committed? Why do we condemn almost 45 million innocent children to this punishment? Do I exaggerate by calling these schools �prisons?� Well, let�s compare prisons and public schools.
What are prisons? They are places where people are locked up against their will for crimes they have committed. Read more…

Homeschoolers far more likely to vote

After reading this you have to stop and think of the incredible impact homeschoolers are having and will have on the country and the world.

…A 2004 study by the National Home Education Research Institute titled ‘Homeschooling Grows Up’ surveyed more than 7,000 home-school graduates. It was discovered that 76 percent of home-schoolers ages 18 to 24 had voted in an election. This compares to 29 percent of the general population for that age group. The disparity grows for home-schoolers aged 25 to 39, where 95 percent voted compared with 40 percent of the general population. Read more…

PA District’s Homeschool policy may change ahead of State

This district is acting ahead of the legislative process in Pennsylvania. Good for them.
A proposed policy change at Carlisle Area School District would let homeschoolers participate in extracurricular activities.
The school board�s policy and personnel committee plans to recommend the change at the board�s Nov. 17 meeting no matter what Gov. Ed Rendell does with a bill on his desk that would allow all homeschoolers to participate in extracurricular activities.
If Rendell signs the bill, it will take effect Jan. 1. Read more…

Homeschooled kid wins $10,000 in ‘Jeopardy!’

Maybe he should go on next week and challenge the adults.

LOS ANGELES, California — Joseph Henares, a homeschooled Filipino-American boy, recently won a ‘Back to School’ edition of ‘Jeopardy!’ — America’s popular TV quiz show.

The 12-year-old Henares received a cash prize of $10,000 in the competition that involved 15 contestants selected from more than 500 kids all over America. Read more…

Korean Ministry of Education Could Recognize Home Schooling

That would make them ahead of most of the US in this area. However, Korea is planning on “strict” restrictions.
The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MOE) is examining a measure to acknowledge home schooling as an official academic background. Home schooling is an educational form in which children are educated by parents or experts at home instead of at school. On November 2, the MOE said, �Many people demand that home schooling, which is being conducted when a student fails to adapt well to a normal school system or when a household holds a certain kind of educational or religious faith, be recognized as a formal academic background,� adding that it is investigating a plan to acknowledge restrictively home schooling after studying a policy for it. Read more…

Homeschooler topic of new Canadian TV series

Based on a book series I haven’t read, I am not sure how this portrays homeschoolers (although I think this particular homeschooler is very eccentric). It seems to propagate the myth that homeschooers are isolated and out of touch.
Somewhat fashion challenged and seeking her place in a small, quirky town, Alice MacLeod will burst on to the Canadian television scene in 2006.
Maple Ridge’s Carly McKillip, 16, is Alice in the CTV series, Alice, I Think.
‘The show is about a young, 15-year-old girl named Alice MacLeod, who lives with her quirky, off-beat parents and little brother,’ McKillip said.
Her character lives in the small town of Smithers, B.C., and the series follows her and her family – mother Diane (Rebecca Northan), father John (Dan Payne) and brother MacGregor (Connor Price) – through life’s adventures. Read more…

Volleyball creates home-school pride

Homeschool sports teams are a great alternative if your public school doesn’t allow participation or you don’t want to get involved with the system.

ELKHART — Just like any girls high school volleyball game, the gym is crowded with supportive parents. A referee’s whistle signals an out-of-bounds serve. And players in matching uniforms slap hands after a point.

Team names sound familiar, too. On this particular night it’s Elkhart against Goshen.

But instead of the Elkhart Memorial Chargers and Goshen Redskins, it’s the Elkhart Wildcats and Goshen Blue Blazers.

This is a home-school volleyball game. Player and fan interest has spiked in the sport. Read more…

PA Homeschoolers say they�re ready to play ball

Great news especially for PA athletes. It will be interesting to see what becomes of homeschool co-ops like band and independent team sports.

Barry Clay pays taxes to Carlisle Area School District, but his homeschooled children can�t participate in extracurricular activities there.

That may change if Gov. Ed Rendell signs into law a bill that would force all public school districts to allow homeschoolers to participate in extracurricular activities.

Clay thinks his children would enroll in school sports if they could. �If we were allowed to, we would take advantage of it. Read more…

Homeschooling in France on the rise

Around the world, I think it’s not just about the quality of schools but about the quality of families. Homeschooling builds strong family.

FONTAINEBLEAU, France (AFP) – When twelve million French children return to school in early November after a two-week holiday, several thousand others will stay home because their parents have opted out of a system they claim no longer adequately teaches basic skills.

Home-schooling in France remains marginal compared to other countries.

In the United States five percent of school-age children — more than one million — are educated outside of schools, many on religious grounds, according to the US Census office. Read more…

District Working With Homeschooling Parents

I have to admit I have mixed feelings about homeschool involvement with public schools. Mass education is not well tailored to an individual child and state involvement usually has strings attached.

As the years go by, more and more parents are deciding to home school their children for different reasons.

The home education support program in District 11 is giving those parents a break and works with more than 900 students now.

A home school liason for District 11, Kim Hennessy says, ‘We have a home education support program and we call it H.E.S.P., it’s a series of enrichment classes for home schooling students.’ Read more…

Little Schoolhouse on the Prairie

What a deal.

CALVIN, N.D. – When tiny Border Central closed its doors in May, teachers and students described the school environment in homey terms.

It’s like one big family, they said. It’s like home-schooling, only with professional teachers, they said.

Guess what? Since the building reopened Aug. 1, it is occupied by a family: the Lorry and Tammy Barrett family. And it is a home school, as seven Barrett children are taught there by their mother.

The little schoolhouse on the prairie is back. More than just the Barretts are pleased that its time in mothballs was short. Read more…

Probing Question: Why do some people choose to homeschool their kids?

…and why do some people send their children away to be raised by others?

Acclaimed anthropologist Margaret Mead once commented, ‘My grandmother wanted me to have an education, so she kept me out of school.’

Many homeschoolers would, no doubt, agree with Grandma Mead’s sentiment. In fact, a growing number of American parents are rejecting conventional classrooms in favor of educating their children at home. A recent study conducted by the National Home Education Research Institute concluded that one million children are being homeschooled in the United States today. The Pennsylvania Department of Education suggests that the number of homeschoolers in the commonwealth has risen by 2,000 children per year since 1996. Read more…