Georgia Home schoolers win Middle School Spring Championships

GAINESVILLE – The Home School Middle School Team won the 2004 Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club – Community Olympic Development Program – Spring Middle School Racing Championships for the first time. Read more…

South Dakota Home-schooled students could face exit exams

PIERRE – State Education Secretary Rick Melmer said there’s no solution immediately available so that home-schooled students can be eligible for the new South Dakota Opportunity scholarships.

State laws establishing the scholarship program refer specifically to high school requirements, including high levels of math and science as well as laboratory work.

Officials for the state Board of Regents have determined there is no way under the current laws for home-schooled students to qualify. The board’s central office has the responsibility to administer the program and determine whether applicants meet the qualifications. Read more…

At age 17, grad speaks to success in college

There’s more than a few reasons why Timothy Burns deserves the honor of speaking at Alfred State College’s graduation Sunday.

He earned two associate’s degrees, in computer science and in a joint math-science program, in three years. He maintained a perfect 4.0 grade point average, earned a black belt in karate and played violin in the orchestra at nearby Alfred University.

But it’s his age that really makes Burns stand out.

He’s 17 years old, several years younger than his peers. He was only 14 when he started college, and he looked younger.

‘I got a lot of people all the time calling me ‘Doogie Howser,’ ‘ Burns said, referring to the 1980s television show about a precocious teenage doctor.

Burns, who goes by T.J., was home-schooled by his parents. Read more…

Home schooling at its best; a family reveals successes

‘What about socialization?’ is the most common question asked of parents who are home schooling their children, according to Connie Greenwood of Bloomfield.

But you will ask no further if you look at the daily, weekly and monthly schedules of the attractive Greenwood girls, four home-schooled sisters, ranging in age from 10 to 17, who are busy with studying, music lessons, household tasks, community service, church and part-time jobs. Read more…

Critic: Home schooling ‘in disarray’ in Thailand

Home schooling should be under the supervision of the Non-Formal Education Department instead of being left unregulated, a social critic said yesterday.

“The introduction of home schooling has been an integral part of education reform, but it is being left in disarray because no government agency seems to have jurisdiction over it,” said Prawes Wasi. He was speaking at an Education Ministry seminar. Read more…

16-year-old is youngest ever to graduate from Penn State

Jess Meeker had an easy enough time with her college education, earning a B average at Penn State University and admission to graduate school. But her driver’s license _ that’s a different story…

Meeker’s parents knew early on that she was advanced for her age, her father, Floyd Meeker, said. They had to stop spelling out words when the 18-month-old Jess figured out that ‘p-l-a-y-h-o-u-s-e’ meant she was getting a playhouse as a gift.

‘In first grade, she would come home from school crying because she was sore bored,’ Floyd Meeker said.

That’s when her parents started home schooling her, moving through grades in as little as three months. They expected Meeker to finish her high school curriculum by age 13, but she picked up the pace in order to graduate in the Class of 2000. Read more…

Commencement services set for three schooled at home

The trio studied separately but will graduate together.

Jewel Bowman, Bruce McKee and Sarah Gail Taylor are the Class of 2004, though they didn’t spend their senior year in a classroom.

Though each was home schooled separately, their common bond is that they all belong to the Jackson County Christian Home Educators, an association which boasts membership of at least 60 families. Read more…

‘Space Day’ Award Garners Kudos for Home Schooling, Creationist View

(AgapePress) – Two Maryland home schoolers were recently honored for winning the “Best Overall” project award at Lockheed Martin’s “Space Day” competition.

Grant and Samantha FosterFifth-grader Grant and seventh-grader Samantha Foster from Germantown finished first place in their age group for the “Space Trek” design challenge. In their project, the Fosters put forth a creationist view of the solar system and wrote about their fictional journey in search of the Oort Cloud (the alleged “nursery of comets”). After researching the Answers In Genesis website, they realized the Oort Cloud did not exist because the universe is less than 10,000 years old.

AIG president Ken Ham says was not surprised the Fosters beat out hundreds of other entrants. He says it shows that those who are home schooled “can do good science and can do good research.” Read more…

Stay-at-home mom loves chance to home-school her kids

Kathy Czubernat, 40, is a stay-at-home mother of four: Donny, 13, Joe, 10, Veronica, 8, and Bernadette, 4.

Each morning, she takes a math class at Indiana University South Bend; when she arrives home, she starts teaching her children.

She takes the occasional break for her sanity when she is able to send the kids outside to play.

Kathy and her husband, 43-year-old Brett Bradley, have been married for 14 years. When their first son was nearly school-age, they decided to home-school and make sure the kids have plenty of time outdoors playing in their bare feet. Read more…’

Homeschooler forgoing next pageant to focus on reign

Sarah Haughey loves avocados.

“I grew up climbing avocado trees and eating avocados,” said the 17-year-old.

However, it was more than her fondness for the fruit that helped her win the Miss Fallbrook title. Judges chose her as the town’s ambassador because of her poise, confidence and friendly personality.

Since she was crowned, Sarah has thrown herself into life in her hometown, so much so that she decided not to compete in the Miss City of San Diego Scholarship Pageant.

“I thought it would take away from my time in Fallbrook,” she said.

Sarah has attended business openings and fund-raisers. She was at the recent Arts in the Park children’s festival at Live Oak Park, and she helped run children’s events at the Avocado Festival.

…Raised in Fallbrook, Sarah was home-schooled, which included frequent field trips and attending classes with other home-schooled children. Read more…

Homeschool youths training for Seattle Kids Marathon

Devon Griggs is a boy on a mission.

When participants in the 2004 Seattle Kids Marathon line up in Seattle for the run this coming November, Devon hopes to be there.

“I’ve been a fast runner since I was small,” the Maple Valley 11-year-old says. “And it’s fun to run — especially when you run with friends.”

Devon has no trouble finding friends to share the miles with him.

He’s a member of the Track Pack, a group of 14 south King County youngsters, ages 7 to 11, who have been training for the Kids Marathon since January. The youngsters are members of a home-school co-op. Read more…

One amazing mom

THIRTY YEARS AGO, GWEN MATHEW started her marriage with a detailed plan of how her life should unfold. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

“My goal was to be an executive,” says Gwen, sitting during a rare quiet moment in her Anchorage living room.

“I wanted to have two children, a boy and a girl, a couple of years apart. And I wanted to wait two years before I had any children after I got married.”

“And that,” she said, erupting into a bellowing laugh, “was blown all to heck.” Read more…

Analysis: A New School of Thought

Homeschooling advocates say that the practice is booming among U.S. families, growing by 7 to 15 percent every year. The phenomenon’s wellspring is still from the Christian right, but there also are a significant number of homeschool families who do it for nonreligious purposes.

‘It’s difficult to get exact numbers, but about 80 percent are evangelical Christians and 20 percent are nonreligious,’ said Ian Slatter, a spokesman for the Home School Legal Defense Association in Purcellville, Va. Read more…

Learning at their own pace

ST. PETERSBURG – Sherri St. Denis reminds people of a mother duck. She reminds them of a mother duck because her kids follow behind her, single file according to height, when they hike along the Pinellas Trail. If something were to menace her children, she would act like a mother duck, too. She would rise and flap her arms and fight with all her might until the danger passed. Read more…

Homeschool Mom gets makeover in front of 6 million

Brenda Spillane was due for a little pampering.

That�s what the TV show �Live with Regis and Kelly� gave her last week.

The Colorado Springs resident has 12 children ages 13 to 32, has 22 grandchildren and has been married 33 years.

She gave birth to the kids naturally at home and home-schooled them, teaching as many as seven grade levels at once.

As an Army wife, she moved several times, to different continents, while pregnant. Read more…

Reading, ‘riting, reverence

It should come as no surprise that a lot of home school families have a religious, and specifically Christian bent, since home schooling originated with missionaries teaching their own children in the field.

According to polls conducted by US-based Barna Research Group, though, today’s home school parents are only slightly more likely than other adults to engage in religious activities. What the research does find, however, is that home school parents are more theologically and politically conservative than those who send their children to regular schools. Read more…

Homeschooling through Cancer

Joan Blinn is determined to home-school her seven youngest boys. It makes for crazy days. But she and her husband, Rick, believe they are shaping their children’s character. They will allow nothing to stand in the way. Not even cancer. Read more…

Baptist leader pushes homeschooling

A prominent Southern Baptist is asking the national convention to consider a resolution recommending parents remove their children from what he calls ‘godless’ and ‘anti-Christian’ public schools.

The resolution, co-authored by T.C. Pinckney, publisher of a Baptist newsletter in Alexandria, Virginia, urges parents to homeschool their children or send them to Christian schools.

‘God gives the responsibility for education of children to the parents, not to the government,’ Pinckney said in an interview. ‘And parents should be taking responsibility, primarily through homeschooling.’ Read more…

“Best Mom” schools, nurtures her sons

Maria Lundgren, sitting in her kitchen Thursday with a live python around her neck, explained that she’s not a normal mother.

No kidding, Maria.

‘Mom, the snake’s about to fall off your neck,’ her 10-year-old, Daniel, said.

‘He’s OK,’ she reassured him. ‘I can feel where he is, sweetie.’

Wearing the python, named Monty of course, is only one of the ways Maria is an unusual parent. Her sons Daniel and 13-year-old Ben nominated her as the county’s best mom in the Daily Record Mother’s Day contest. Daniel’s essay was selected, in part, because his mom sounded unique.

He wasn’t lying, either. Maria homeschools the precocious, red-haired boys and lets them do things other parents might not. In Ben’s case it was getting the snake; in Daniel’s it was getting his ear pierced on his 10th birthday. Read more…

Home-schooler wins Merit Scholar honor

Sarah Bramsen’s high school doesn’t have crowded hallways, pep assemblies, lockers or detentions.

And with the same two teachers for the past 12 years, her education experience hasn’t been typical.

But typical students aren’t named National Merit Scholars. That designation is earned by a select few – including 17-year-old Bramsen of St. Charles Township, home schooled since first grade. Read more…