The Star Spangled State Book

Written by a homeschooling dad, this 80-page glossy workbook is packed with trivia, games, and key facts on the United States of America. Decorated with bold colors, large type, and cartoon illustrations, kids will be dazzled with the presentation while easily engaged in learning about all 50 states. Following a fully labeled map of the U.S., the individual states proceed in alphabetical order, each with its own unique page of details. Kids can play 4 different “geoquizzes” (states, capitals, borders and trivia), so each time they use the book the experience will be different. My 12-year-old loves games, so that was a big draw for him. Features also include a civil war map, the 13 colonies map, census statistics from 1790 to present, and a list of all 43 presidents. If you’re planning on studying United States history and geography, consider The Star Spangled State Book for a fresh and fun approach. The kids will love it!

For additional information on this title visit the publisher’s (Knowledge Quest) website.

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