Right People, Right Place, Right Plan: Discerning the Voice of God

When I was getting ready to graduate and head into the big world, I remember the angst and uncertainty that came with the thrill. I really tried to discern where my own desires clashed with God’s destiny for me. But I stumbled and fumbled and ended up wasting years. I wish I could have read this book then.

“Right People, Right Place, Right Plan” is a well written, honest book about how to find your way from one season of life to another. The chapters are well laid out and filled with great quotes to write down and remember. For example in the chapter that deals with Right People Franklin says “ There are two kind of people who will come into your life: “flesh people” and “faith people”. Flesh people tear you down and feed your fears. Faith people build you up and feed your faith” and “If God wants to bless you, He will send a person; if Satan wants to curse you, he will send a person”. In the chapters on finding the Right Place the author writes “One of God’s primary purpose for your life is right placement. Being in the right place at the right time is an important key to discovering God’s will for your life” and “A good rule to follow is ‘if Christ wouldn’t, you shouldn’t’” In the chapter on Right Plan he writes “God’s plan for your life will often come through unexpected events that force you in a direction you never would have gone” and “Stay open to divine interruptions!” The wonderful thing about this book is that it not only gives good general advice but it also gets into specifics about dating, marriage, career, Godly lifestyle choices and living a life worth remembering. I also loved the fact that the author chose obscure biblical stories and scripture quotes to really get the reader thinking.

I was initially drawn to this book because I felt that it held potential for a good small group study for older teens. After reading it I not only feel confident that it would make a great basis for a discussion-based class, but it would be a wonderful book to give to graduates, newly weds or anyone who seems to be looking for their destiny in Christ.

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