“geeART” 16 is an outstanding web based animated art program geared towards equipping students ages 7-14 with the tools needed to both understand and create art. With entertaining cartoon character as guides, and a see, say, do pattern for learning, students can complete 16 different interactive lesson plans. Some of the lesson titles are language of art, message of art, portraits, what do eyes tell us, and nature+math+beauty. After my boys and I completed the first lesson we were impressed with our experience. We all learned something new, we laughed, but more than anything we were inspired! This is a great curriculum, and I thought it affordable at the current sale price*.If you have high-speed Internet and are looking for a top-notch art program, consider geeART16. This award-winning curriculum includes one year’s worth of art instruction that meets national standards for art education.

Visit their website, read their FAQ page, and try the free demo. This is definitely worth checking out!

Note: Access to the curriculum is received through purchasing a subscription, and accounts are active for one year from the date your license is activated online, not from the date of purchase. Now, through August 2007 the sale price is $27.98 per student. GeeGuides recommends purchasing additional licenses for additional students.

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