A-Z Mystery Flags: Countries of the World Cursive

Here is a great way for kids to brush up on their cursive writing and do geography at the same time. This 40-page e-book provides children the opportunity to practice their cursive letters while giving you some great ideas and starters for doing your own world unit study. For each letter of the alphabet a list of country names and cities that start with that letter are provided in an easy to follow cursive font. Ample lined blank space for copying is adjacent. Every page contains a “mystery flag” – the student will need to follow the coloring directions and then do some research to guess what country the flag represents. There are additional word games to solve. There are many more bunny trails you could take from this one source to expand your studies – locate the countries on a map, study the culture, try some of the regional cuisine, make a craft, etc. The possibilities are numerous. This book offers so much more than just cursive practice, and looks ideal for those who like world geography and enjoy combining research with writing practice.

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