Flip-Flop Spanish: learning Workbook Level 1

Here’s a Spanish introduction program for your younger children that is both fun and interactive, and perfect for the parent who has no background in Spanish or foreign language instruction. This spiral bound workbook is designed with every other page inverted, allowing the child to fold the page over to concentrate on one page at a time. Once the first 7 lessons are completed, the book is then flipped over to continue on with the second half. New items are introduced and reviewed on the flip journey. The content covers basic Spanish words and phrases, with the goal for the child to have a working knowledge of Spanish in about 3 months. Some of the lessons require some simple writing, so unless your child is advanced in this skill, you’ll need to write out their answers. The workbook comes with a companion CD, a huge bonus that will help with listening and speaking practice.

There are also supplemental flash cards and a really cool Spanish activity calendar. The calendar offers 12 months of learning a Spanish word a day and includes a 240+ word glossary. Kids can color the calendar, and complete various activities. The calendar is appropriate for all ages and can be used as a supplement or can stand alone as an introductory Spanish program.

It’s interesting to note the author is a homeschooling mom who is also a bilingual Spanish teacher.

If you’re looking for an engaging, easy introduction to Spanish, check out Flip-Flop Spanish, The author has definitely gone out of her way to make learning a second language cheery and non-threatening, I can’t imagine a child not finding this approach enjoyable, which is the way learning should be.

There are additional Flip-Flop foreign language workbooks, check out their website to learn more: FlipFloplearning.com

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