Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When: The Snipeville Chronicles Book 1

California natives Hannah and her brother Alex move to Snipesville, Georgia, a place they find where life is slower and a bit too dull. A trip to the library should spice things up for them. I always find the library has the power to take away the boredom for us. But, Alex and their new friend Brandon weren’t expecting to walk out of the library and transport smack into WWII England. Seems a professor they met in the library had something to do with their catapult to the past. Now that they are there, what are they doing there, and what do they need to do to get back to the present?

I always enjoy a good time travel story, and this is a good one. Readers will enjoy learning about the war and how it affected England and her population. There is an interesting array of characters; including the prunish but good hearted “Mrs. Devenish”.

Wartime can be a challenging topic to cover; a good way would be to use a story such as this one. Food rationing, sending children to the country, chamber pots, bomb shelters, bomb scares, and a good mystery keep the story authentic and engaging.

Be awares include a few swear words (d****, h***), and the discussion of one of the character’s being born out of wedlock.

Overall, Don’t Know Where Don’t Know When is a fun book that disguises the historic portions so it reads most like an adventure/mystery novel.

It’s interesting to note the author is a British native and the creator of Timeshop a time travel experience for kids.

Author’s website (you can download the first 2 chapters of the book there).

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