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Math Mammoth has a host of math products available, there is definitely something for everyone here, I am impressed at the range and quality of the math worktexts. I have my 6th grader using the Zeta book of Math-U-See but is a bit weak in multiplication and division. Since he is working primarily with decimals and fractions, I was beginning to worry his long division and multiplication skills might weaken further. So, I was thrilled to have the chance to review Math Mammoth with him. We selected Multiplication and Division 3 worktext (The blue series) This 70+ paged ebook covers multiplication, long division, simple equations and expressions, estimation, divisibility and factoring. Though at first he was reluctant to do more math, he began to become encouraged as he caught on quickly and found the problems just right for his level. Immediately he was introduced to mental math tricks – multiply in parts and add separately, and for the 5 times find 10 times and then half, and for 9 times find 10 times the number and subtract once. She includes word problems, which I think is essential for practical application. This is what makes the work-text unique is the fact that there is explanations amidst the math problems. She also provides two pages of website links – many of which are fun and complement what is covered in the workbooks. This is a nice program to use as a supplement to brush up on a particular area, or could be used as a sole curriculum. Keep in mind this is an e-book and you will need to print out the materials, but oh are the prices reasonable, only $3 to $5 a piece.

Math Mammoth has so many different products available I encourage you to check out their FAQ page to learn more.

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