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HomeArtStudio DVDOver the course of our 12 years of homeschooling, teaching art has always been a challenge. The early years (4-6) were easier because academics were fairly light. Our boys loved getting their hands messy with finger paints, were captivated by their Papier-mâché creations, and even enjoyed mere coloring projects. We also were new to homeschooling, so art was fun for us too. Our house was adorned (and eventually cluttered) with their various masterpieces.

It didn’t take long for us to settle in to a day-to day routine of math, english, science and field trips. Soon art took a back seat and we lost our cadence. We used up all the popular art curriculums and over the years tried several more. Although their Dad is a professional designer, teaching art is much harder for him than creating art. What we really needed was a rescue – a professional art teacher to come in to our home and teach our boys, and please bring all the supplies. Reality check – what would that cost? I once paid $200 for my 2 high schoolers to take a 9 week art course, so add in a third and span that across a full school year and ouch. Then wonderful Lindsey Volin introduced us to her Home Art Studio, and we had found what we were looking for.

Through the magic of DVD, Mrs. Volin, (a certified art instructor) will come to your home, and teach the lessons. Through the Home Art Studio site, she can even supply you with all the materials ahead of time. You just need to facilitate and encourage your children to implement her instructions and be inspired as their inner Picasso emerges.

This art curriculum is fantastic. We sampled the Grade 5 program (other programs from grade K), but had our 3 boys ages 11, 15 and 17 all participate. Though geared towards my 11 year old’s level, my older boys participated and enjoyed the lessons just as much.

The DVD contains not only video but printable PDF lesson guides (you can access through your computer) for each lesson.

You could just buy the DVD and find your own supplies, but I recommend spending the extra money (it is affordable) and save yourself the headache. The website has already bundled together all the materials used in the lessons so you can purchase them and be ready to teach without last minute trips to the art store.

The goals of the curriculum are to develop in your a child a love for the arts, and not only to create a piece of art, but to think creatively as they learn to see their world from an artist’s point of view. Art needs to be just as important as math in your homeschool. Creativity and innovation are increasingly important skills in the business world. Home Art Studio can help you establish the foundation of this skill.

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. – Picasso

Home Art Studio

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