Going to College and Paying for it: A TOS Crew Review

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The thought of homeschooling high school terrified me and the whole college prep process confused me. Now that I have accomplished them both successfully I can pass on what I’ve learned to you so your passage through these years will be painless and enjoyable. The one important caveat I’ve learned is it is never too early to plan for college. High school creeps up so fast that it can feel like you’ve zipped through a small town – blink and it’s over. Plan now=peace of mind later.

Going to College and Paying for it Online Video and Workbook is a resource College Common Sense designed to help you make the best possible college decisions. The program consists of a series of video instructions, newsletters, and a good deal of lesson plans and jumpstarts for learning about potential careers. Denise Ames, the developer and author, has 10 years experience in the college industry and delivers her “inside” tips with confidence, clarity, and a calm mannerism. She walks you through the college process using a sensible time line and gives you the best advice for winning ideal scholarships and avoiding the scams. When is FAFSA due? Is it necessary? How many colleges to choose? How do you choose one? For this review, my husband and I watched the videos on filling out the FAFSA form, the application process, and the scholarship hunt. We were pleased with how she cleared up our misunderstandings. Right after our viewing we finished the FAFSA and our son applied to his first college, and he’s now finishing up his second application. Denise came through for us and gave us the motivation and encouragement to take the next step even when we thought we had waited too long.

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You can start this program in the elementary grades. If you are still early in your homeschool journey, you will reap considerable benefit from her newsletter and lesson plans. Prior to high school, do the lessons once a month (high schoolers will want to use it more frequently). Your students will be introduced to various industries – this month is environment and food sources, and will be guided to write reflections in a permanent notebook. Though ideally this program should be started by freshman year, I can attest even a first use in senior year will be extremely helpful. The scholarship/free money help alone makes this a worthy purchase.
Going to College and Paying for it online video & workbook costs $25.00 for 12 month log-in access.
And, you get the College Common Sense newsletter and lesson plans free anytime, even without a purchase.  What a generous, gracious offer!

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I would have loved to have had access to this when I was doing my three year high school plan for my eldest son. College and career training are perhaps the biggest investments a person will ever make. A big financial decision requires wise, strategic planning. Sure, I’ve ended up where I should be, but I took the long way to get here. College Common sense has done the research and can serve as your homeschool guidance counselor. Whether your kids are still in elementary education or nearing graduation, you will be smart to tap into the goldmine of information this program has to offer.

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