Supercharged Science: A TOS Crew Review

supercharged LogoMy 12-year-old loves science, and we couldn’t wait to dive into Supercharged Science for this TOS Crew review.  Bill Nye the science guy step aside and make room for Aurora the rocket scientist.  She’s got the brains, the enthusiasm, and the knack for making science educational and fun.

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Supercharged Science is an online e-science curriculum  that can be used in all grades K-12. It’s ideal use is for your main full year science curriculum – with over 1,000 activities, experiments and projects, it is unlikely you will exhaust the material, and It is adaptable to use for multi-grade teaching so everyone can learn together.  It is organized into 20 units, teaching eighteen core scientific principles, ten of which students should understand before they hit college. Some of these key scientific concepts are higher pressure always pushes, heat flows from hot to cold, like charges repel, opposites attract.

How about you?  Do you really understand these principals? I dare you to try Aurora’s quiz. (PDF) Yes, I took it, and no, I am not telling you what I got. I couldn’t bare the shame.

With Supercharged Science, Aurora is the primary instructor. You are the facilitator, set up/clean up crew and science cheerleader. Aurora and her team are available to any student or parent through email and a chat board. Material is taught through video demonstrations, teleclasses, optional downloadable text and worksheets, and hundreds of hands on activities which truly are the highlight of this program.  Access is through a monthly subscription that can be cancelled anytime. K-8 access is $37, K-12 is $57. Aurora also sends out emails with exciting new suggestions for experiments and various interesting facts or videos to watch.

The website is well organized. You can either start off with unit one and go in order, or you can use an unstructured approach and gear your choices to your child’s particular interests. I have an easily distractable intelligent 6th grader who yearns to

  • Build rockets



  • Mix chemicals 


  • Time travel

time travel









and some day, develop the formula for invisibility.  He loves tinkering, building, and appreciates learning the “science” behind the experiments. His learning style has led us to lean towards an unschooled approach.  Thus, we ping-ponged around the units and sampled several, the highlight being the experiments.


We tried the course for six weeks, and our consensus was hey! this is a cool program, and the experiments actually work. Persnkicky experiments with specialty ingredients that have pale outcomes has turned me off from many a science curriculum.  Yes, variables can cause an experiment to be a bust,  but when that tends to be the rule rather than the exception it makes science terribly bland.

will doing science

We built a electromagnetic  in response to our study of Unit 10.  An easy hook up of wires and batteries completed a circuit and lit up a bulb which demonstrated electrical flow.  The ten minute procedure spawned an hour long session of experimentation and learning about electricity.

We made a flying contraption from the easy experiments and videos section. Constructed out of paper, straws, and a little tape demonstrated aerodynamic principles.  It flew far and smooth and whet my son’s appetite for more.

We put ivory soap in the microwave and watched the change.  Ooohs and aaahs filled the room along with the fragrant aroma of cleanliness. This was very cool.

Our last experiment was via a live webinar on building a solar oven. Son and husband did this together. It blessed my heart to see the two of them working side by side, listening to Aurora, and completing the step by step construction of this simple device out of common materials: a cardboard box, tape, magnifying sheet lens, glue gun, and tape.

solar oven

We live in cloudy, cold New York, so we didn’t get a chance to use our creation yet and make our s’mores.  Maybe in July it will be warm enough.

glue gun


The boys had the opportunity to ask questions to Aurora, but being on the shy side, they sat back and listened. One kid from Alaska asked if it was true that a duck’s quack has no echo. Proof there is no question too small or silly for Supercharged Science. The goal of Supercharged Science is to get an exceptional science education.  And, most importantly to have fun getting it!

Aurora is a gifted teacher, and more than qualified to teach your children.  Here’s more information on her background and how she developed this quality homeschool science program.

Try a sample: Get a complimentary science activity manual and video collection of her most popular experiments.

I have no qualms in giving this e-science program’s seal of approval.  Every homeschooler should give it a try at some point in their homeschool journey.  Especially if you fear your middle or high schooler is struggling with the basic foundations of science.  Aurora is there for you, and is certain to kindle a flame and satisfy your budding Einstein’s and Edison’s quest for scientific knowledge.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. Thomas Edison

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You can observe a lot just by watching. Yogi Berra



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  1. Really nice review! I enjoyed reading it and seeing your pictures. Very creative! We are looking to build the solar oven as well, but we also live in NY so I am thinking we will wait till summer and our two weeks of sunshine! LOL

  2. Thank you Erica! The solar oven was a fun project – bummer that it so gloomy and cold, we are looking forward to seeing how it works. Excellent idea to wait till summer!

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